The feet are a very important body part for humans since it enables you to carry out the various functions. Feet are important in doing various functions such as walking and also playing around. However, there are some diseases that may catch our feet thus making them have a bad odor and making them unhealthy too. Some examples of foot diseases include corns arm and hammer foot and the like. A lot of people have smelly feet, and this is attributable to the fact that they do not maintain hygiene for their feet. However, there are some care tips that you should ensure you follow so that your feet can remain healthy. Some of them involve the basic cleanliness and maintenance of hygiene.


Some of the bunion corrector tips that you should take to consideration to take care of your feet include. Washing and drying up your feet especially after bathing. Failure to do this makes some whitish substances to appear in between, and this might cause your feet to rot. It is also vital for you to ensure you cut your toenails regularly and ensure that they are kept short. This is beneficial in that it helps in preventing the infestation of something like jiggers which prefer long grown nails to survive. When washing your feet, it is good to scrub them with a rock to get rid of the tough dead skin that appears in the foot. This will ensure that your feet remain soft.


If you want to maintain soft feet, it is good that you wear closed shoes with bunion guard so that your legs can maintain the moisture that it requires. Regular check up of your feet is also vital so that you can notice any changes in it that require your attention. It is also good once in a while to undergo a pedicure session so that your feet get the attention they require from experts.



It is also advisable that you limit the wearing of high heels since they interfere with the skeleton structure and bone make up of the feet, and this can hurt you in future. It is also advised that you change your socks at least daily so that bacteria does not get a breeding ground. However, there is a solution for all these problems, for example, there are scrubs that are used on the feet and also softeners that help give your feet a good smell. For more facts and information about foot care, you can go to